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Studio "TA-MUSICA" offers traditional folk & ethnic music of the world, folk-rock and old rock-n-roll. Our CATALOGUES always update.

We'll record and publish your creations, record your concerts, restore old records.

We offer ethnic musical instrument: jew's harps - Altaian komuses, Yakutian homuses and Bashkirian kubyzes; shaman's bubens (tambourines) and darbuks (Turkish drums), string (topshur, ikili) direct from craftsmans!

You will find out announcements of concerts of interesting groups at News page (for example, DZIAN SENARO, Altai Kai).
Our editions: DZIAN SENARO "All it by Komuses"(Vargan Album) - alive recording of two Altaian jew's harps, "Piyot\Laughter" (Vargan and something else) , Taypo Vir / Open Here(melodies for the jew's harp) , VLADISVAR NADISHANA "Introduction into the material", "Russain-Tuvinian Karma Knot", "Таkku Та Тay", "Concert in the club "DUE KUA, SО" (Ethnic music of Ancient Kuzhebar) , Songs for Love to the Earth (Tyva) (Tuvinian Throat singing), MALTONIUS OLBREN Now (Balkan's folk music), Boydus/Nature (tradition music of Tuva), Altai: JАNGАR (Altaian folk song), Altai Kai (Altai Throat singing), Tibetan mantras Om & Ki (Ganchen Adja Podhi Samapati).

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