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TM01DZAIN SENAROJew's Harp albom "All it by komuses"Stiles of jew's harps music: life recording of two Altaian jew's harps - komuses E.G., mp3 И4.2Order
TM24jew's harps arrangement
Piyot/Loughter - A jew's harp and something elseMusic creating the world, the world created by music. Jew's harps and playing with different sounds in which we found the Power. A guitar, a flute, a violin or percussion are united by jew's harps of different nations: Altaian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Yakutian and a lot of the other. E.G., mp3 И4.2 Order
TM27Melody of jew's harp
Taipo Vir / ќpening Here - melodies of jew's harps Music creating the world, joy and Power, twisting the wheel of the New Epoch
Melodies of the Earth and the Sky played by jew's harps only, komuses, homuses, dan mois, etc...E.G., mp3
TM38art of jew's harp
Fiynu Rolingston / Directional outside Jew's harp, parcussion, mood. That is opening when you look outside yourself. И4.2Order
TM39Appeal to the Earth - a tambourine as an art
Vindot / Tambourine A tambourine as solo instrument, rhythms as appeal to the nature, the Earth, living creatures. И4.2 Order
TM42Altai Kai Made in USAAltaian throat singing and traditional music, recorded in USA И7Order
TM11Altai Kai (Mounting Altai) Where Altay is in Rise Altaian throat singing and traditional music. E.G., mp3 И4.2Order
TM35Altai Kai Khan Altai Altaian throat singing and traditional music. E.G., mp3 wait
TM36Sarymai Urchimaev / Altai Kai Altaian Altaian throat singing and traditional music, imitation of nature sounds E.G., mp3 И8.3Order
2 disks in 1 box:

Sarymai Urchimaev / Altai Kai
21 century. 1st version.
Altaian throat singing and traditional music, imitation of nature sounds E.G., mp3 И10 Order
TM37 Altaian throat singing. New arrangements, new songs, new peopleE.G., mp3
TM37Altai Kai 21 century Altaian throat singing. New arrangements, new songs, new people. E.G., mp3 И8.3Order
TM40Altai Kai 21 century, 2nd version Altaian throat singing. New arrangements and new melodies И8.3Order
TM32Altai: JangarAltaian folk songs Traditional Altaian folk songs. Throat singing, topshuur, komus, tamburineE.G., mp3 И4.2Order
TM02BoydusThe natureTuvinain traditional music and throat singing. Tyva-Moscow. Songs with throat singing, low and hight styles, sounding like whistle or fluteE.G., mp3 И4.2Order
TM28Songs about love to the Earth (Tyva) Tuvinain throat singingThe festival "Kyzyl-Moscow" , collection: Changy-Haia (Tyva), Alash (Tyva), Olchey (Tyva-Moscow). Tuvinian Culture Festival, Tuvinian throat singing, joefull and lyric songs about the Earth. Sysgyt, hoomey, kargyra are throat singing styles." E.G., mp3 И4.2Order
TM21MALTONIUS OLBRENNowInstrumental music from the Balkans - Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Western Ukraine Ц cheerful insrtumental melodies spacialy for dancing E.G., mp3 И4.2Order
TM30Dance of the drum (Korea)Korean drumsTraditional Korean drums and songs E.G., mp3 И4.2Order
TM31Africa: pulse of the Earth (Senegal)Rhythms of Western AfricaRhythms of Western Africa (Senegal, Mali) E.G., mp3 И4.2Order
TM03Tibetan mantras Om and KiTibetan voices. MeditationMantra Om, mantra Ki. Cleansing and opening yourself to the Sourse of the World И4.2Order
TM13Tantric monastery Gyudmed Da-geg-pung-jom: slay a foe in you Tibetan Buddism and Bon Po Traditions. И7Order
TM34LUNG TADante's Anderground Theatre of Tibetan Mystery, Tibetan Buddism and Bon Po Traditions. Moscow noOrder
TM14Tantric monastery Gyudmed"Ceremony of Medcine Buddha Mystery of Tibatan Buddism. Traditions of Tantric Buddism. Healing. Tibetan throat singing E.G., mp3 И7Order
TM16Tantric monastery GyudmedCeremony of Green Tara Mystery of Tibatan Buddism. Traditions of Tantric Buddism. Well-being; Tibetan throat singing И7Order
TM17Monastery KopanYama's growl Mistery of Tibatan Buddism. Taming of the god from lower world - Yama. Tibetan throat singing E.G., mp3 И7Order
TM18Kunze Chod Mystery of self-denial. Traditions of Mongol Buddism. E.G., mp3 И7Order
TM09FALLING TRASKMesosoi's LiFeAbsolutly free improvisation E.G., mp3 И4.2Order
TM23V. Potkin / Altaian Khomus (Jew's Harp)Your first meeting mp4 video course, teaching, history, how to play, N. Shumarov is playing И4.2Order
TM39Robert ZagretdinovJew's Harp Bashkir virtuoso of jew's harp playing И4.2Order
TM26Rahimov R.G. Bashkir Kubyz (brochure). Folk collection (brochure), dedicated to Bashkir kubyz (jew's harp). On CD musical recordings from expeditions in 80s in Bashkir villages. Notes, photos. И4.2Order

R. Zagretdinov

Vargan (Jew's Harp)   Improvisations, traditional folk melodies and dancing tunes, played on bashkir jew's harp by virtuoso R. Zagretdinov. И5 Order
Disks from other label
Tandalai Erdine Woman voice from AltaiИ4.2Order
NamgarHattar Mongol-burat traditional music and songsИ4.2Order
Choduraa Tumat Belec The Gift tuvinian woman throat singing И4.2Order
GEN-DOS Bay Taiga Tuvinian throat singing in elektric arrangementsИ4.2 Order
ENE-SAI Alaak Tuvinian throat singing И4.2Order
Andrey Mongush and SALGAL Essemblein honour Tuvinian songs and modern arangmentsИ4.2Order
"Kyzyl-Moscow" 2nd collection: ETHNO TYVA Tuvan Culture Festival, Tuvan throat singingИ4.2 Order
Olchey Boyduska Yorel chill out & house обработки тувинских песен и горлового пени¤ И4.2Order
Vedan KolodDance of forest spirits Slavonic heathen songs from Sibiria И4.2Order
Apricot Tree Traditional music of ArmeniaTraditional music of Armenia И4.2Order
Nineva Music for Raja Indian MusicИ4.2Order
Pan-Asian Ensamble Lots of Things Ethno-avangardИ4.2Order
REELStrange People Karel-Slavonic art-folkИ4.2Order
Leonov-Sokolov-Derevlev (Va Ta Ga (Reel)) Concert. ethnic fusion/ambient. Concert. Russian folk songs with avangard И4.2 Order
Va Ta Ga- Lespromhoz Groove (Reel)Perhloman first   И4.2Order
Va Ta Ga Mikula MountainИ4.2 Order
DrobinskaGUiE DE CIRNAT ethnic fusion/болканска¤ музыка И4.2Order
DrobinskaEN CONCERT   ethnic fusion/bolkan, mooldavia music И4.2Order
TrigonThe voice of my Earth ETHNO-JAZZ, MoldoviaИ4.2 Order
Volgaconcert in DOM club electronic and heathen songs from ancient RussiaИ4.2Order
VolgaThree fields  И4.2 Order
Volga"Remix"   И4.2 Order
I. Smirnov, M. SmirnovKrymian Vocations   И4.2Order
I. Smirnov, M. SmirnovThe Land where the Sun Sleep  2 CDИ8.4 Order
Telenn Gwadsun of sleeplesses Lyryc ethnicИ4.2Order
Telenn GwadTime when angels taught poets to love   И4.2Order
Samosad Band Solovtida ambient, ethno-dub with natural sounds from Solovetskie IslandsИ4.2 Order
SATTUMA Kudelma Folk,Karelian И4.2Order
LEO SVENECOsa poika, onni poika. Lucky fellow Folk, Karelian, Finish. И4.2Order
Essemble "Tsarevich"Russian Songs Russian folk songs and traditional instrumentsИ4.2 Order
Slnchev BrjagЂAj da, gajdaї world music/electronic/Blgaria/Ukrain И4.2Order
Ethnologia collectionVolga, Smirnov, Namgar, reel, etc. collection 1& 2 И4.2Order
Sergay Starostin and MarioSimpler of simplest world music/ethnic fusion/RussiaИ4.2Order
VilyGo away, troublefolk-rok, Russia И4.2Order
Vily Steppe Doughter folk-rok, Russia  И4.2Order
Osimira Proscha drums, bagpipes, BelorussiaИ4.2 Order
Osimira Druva   Folk-rock, BELARUS. И4.2 Order
WHITE OWL Pepper И4.2Order
Jah Division Passionary Jah Russian reggeiИ4.2Order

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